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                                                           Payment options

    If you wish to pay by  enter yo enter your login and password and click Identifiquese
   (Paypal will change to your own language when you login.)

For CREDIT CARDS, on the next page

Go to the first drop down box on the page.  This will be called País which means Country in spanish. 

Here is a list of common country translations: 

  • United Kingdom  = Reino Unido
  • Ireland = Irlanda
  • Germany / Deutschland  = Alemania
  • New Zealand = Nueva Zelanda
  • United States = Estados Unidos

The page will now re-load in English (or your home language) and you can continue your purchase by logging to Paypal or paying by credit card.

PLEASE TRY TO INCLUDE A VALID MOBILE PHONE NUMBER WITH YOUR PURCHASE, this will help us if there are any problems with the purchase of your code

If you use FIREFOX  as your browser you may be directed to a page which does not have any drop down boxes on it. 
Look for the word like Continuar  (situated just above the credit card symbols) click this and then follow the instructions in the answer above.

I tried to pay by credit card but it rejected my card as not being valid overseas.

You can visit one of our sales outlets in Caleta, Costa de Antigua or Corralejo and purchase a 1 week 2 week or 1 month code with cash. A list of our sales outlets are available on our home page.

I bought a code but I never received it

Please text or call CanaryNet Support on 651 106 769  and we will confirm the transaction and send you a code via text message as soon as we can.

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