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New Feature! Counter added 01 May 2007


If you receive the following message when trying to login to the service

   WARNING! Sorry, login failed.
    Please check you have entered the code correctly.

This could be due to one of the following:

1   Your internet access time has run out.
     You need to purchase a new code.

  You have not entered the code exactly right.
      The sequence of numbers and letters has to be entered very carefully.  Re-enter the code and          password again making sure you have typed it correctly.

3   You have shared your code with someone else.
     The codes are for 1 user and are non-transferrable. If our server sees two or more MAC                    addresses it will disable the code. We have no control over this and do not give refunds.

4   The code is faulty or the ticket is incorrect.
     If you have checked all the reasons above but you still cannot connect call or text                              CanaryNet Support on 651 106 769 (10am-5pm Mon-Fri 10am-3pm Sat) Tell us your code         
     and we will check it for you as soon as we can.