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CanaryNet offer two home fitting options for connecting your property to the internet - the     Basic System and the Total Wireless system.  A site survey will be done before                installation to ensure you can receive the best possible signal.

CanaryNet Basic System
This involves us installing a small waterproof box in a high point (such as your roof or wall)   that contains a Nanostation M2 150mbps wireless receiver. Two cables will run from      this box, one to a power supply and the other cable (ethernet) plugs directly into your             PC's ethernet (RJ45) port. (see fig 1).
The cost of the Basic System fitted is €90.00 incl.

CanaryNet Total Wireless System
This is an upgrade to the Basic System and is our most popular installation option.
  It includes the waterproof box with receiver installed outside your property, but inside the     cables will be connected to a 300mbps Wireless N router which will send the signal          around your home enabling you to connect with your wireless enabled devices. (see fig 2) 
The internal system will be protected by 128bit WEP security to prevent unauthorized           access. This is the most popular option as it gives you freedom to move around plus the     option to connect a cable between the internal router and either a laptop or other                   device The cost of Total Wireless fitted is €125.00 incl.

How to Upgrade to Total Wireless
  You can start with the Basic System and upgrade to Total Wireless at a later date. 
  To upgrade will only cost you €35.00 incl.

Without a CanaryNet Fitted system
  If you do not have a Canarynet installation and are struggling to connect to the CanaryNet    service* the most likely cause is that your wireless laptop is not receiving enough signal,      there are several options open to you to resolve this.

1 :Use your laptop outside in the open air - the walls of buildings block the wireless signal if you are trying to connect WITHOUT a CanaryNet installation
2: Is to buy a more powerful USB powered wireless adaptor, of a good quality, ideally one that you can put outside for better range.
*CanaryNet can only guarantee a connection when using one of our Fitted Systems

Running Costs

  After installation you only need to buy internet time as and when you need it.

  Codes are available from our sales outlets: 
  Sales outlet prices are: 1 week  €15     2 weeks  €20   30 days  €30  

  3 week codes are available on request for 25 euros 

  Login codes become active the moment they are entered in the Login Page. This starts a   countdown timer - you can use the system 24hrs a day with no download limits during the     running period of the code.

                                                         Things you can't do

  1: Code sharing is prohibited - if our server finds you have shared a code with another         user, your code will be permanently blocked and you will have to purchase a new one. 

  However, multiple devices can be connected safely with the Total Wireless option   connect all your family to your Wifi router without worrying - includes your mobile                    phone/iPhone, iPad, laptop or any wifi enabled device

  2: Please note that Wifi Hotspot Internet speed is dependant on the ADSL line it is connected to. Hotspot Internet speed may not be suitable to support UKTV.

   Wifi Hotspots are not designed for TV streaming or P2P downloading.  People using the     system for this purpose will find it takes longer than ADSL. Note: Heavy downloading           impacts on the users of the entire Hotspot, we reserve the right to stop (temporarily or          permanently) users who cause constant & severe disruption to other clients.

                                                          Things you can do

  Wifi Hotspots are designed to provide internet to those who cannot contract ADSL or            have    no wish to be tied to contract. It supports:
  • Skype messaging & calls (video not recommended),
  • Emailing,
  • Web surfing.

  It is not intended for business use.

  The system is firewalled and CanaryNet do not under any circumstance record bank               details or private passwords

         Surfing abroad is no different to surfing at home - therefore for your own security we do recommend                      that you install an Anti-Virus program and use common sense when surfing the web