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Information on how the CanaryNet system works

It is recommended to have line of sight to the antenna - the closer you are the better the signal.  However it is possible to connect over quite long distances - for instance some parts of Villaverde can view a Hotspot situated on the south side of Tamaragua

We only guarantee a connection when you have one of our installations (please see the Products & Services page for more information on types available and costs.

We will perform a no obligation site survey free of charge. This is an assessment of the signal quality from your property to the nearest Canarynet antenna and takes around 10 minutes. The decision to carry out an installation is then based on this. The provision of a quality service to our clients means that we would never advise you to go ahead and have the equipment installed should the signal be sub-standard (ie because of obstructions from other buildings or too great a distance)

Please contact us if you think you would require a new client survey and we will arrange a time to visit you.

We are constantly expanding our network.  Contact us to find out if we can cover your location.

WIFI Hotspots are sited on properties that have an ADSL line (normally supplied by Movistar, or similar suppliers).  If you know of an area that we do not currently cover and you know someone with an ADSL line that would be willing to host a Hotspot on their property, please contact us for more information. In return for hosting a CanaryNet antenna, up to 80%* of the monthly ADSL Movistar bill costs will be covered by CanaryNet. (excluding telephone call charges.) Not all properties or lines are suitable to become Hotspots.